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Cry of an old women

download (1)            On Sunday evening I was sitting in front of my brother’s house. I am waiting for him to come out of his house. It was already late sun gets disappeared and the moon gets raised only the darkness around everywhere. After a week gap, we met together and enjoyed the day. We spend our evening by playing cricket in our regular ground. When we finished our gaming we both returned to his house because he wants to get things list from his mother to buy it in the super market. For this reason, we went to his home. I sat out side of the house he went inside and drank some water. His mother came from the neighbour’s house and she mistakenly considers me as her son because of the darkness. Then soon she realised me when she comes closer. I had few words with her and she went inside. My friend and his mother started to prepare things list to buy. They called me inside but due to my dirty legs and hands, I neglect to go inside. They made three calls and after that, they continued their work, I was admired for the beauty of the moon and the colour of it. The moon lady was shining and trying to spoke a word to me. Suddenly old women came there and sat near to me and started to cry, I was confused and I don’t know why she was crying. She was crying and murmuring something, somehow I came to know that she was talking about a dead old




But I don’t why she was expressing her feelings to me. I felt a little bit shy and called my brother out side when I called my brother both my brother and aunt went out side. When the came out side the face of the old lady is appeared to be happy and she talks to my brother and aunt sweetly without showing any sadness on her face. I got confused and I don’t know whether to tell this instant to them or not. And finally, I come to know that the old women were misunderstood me as her grandson. And there is a death in the near house, so for that only that old women express her sorrow to me. But saying these words I relaxed my mind.

The Red signal

5 rupees coin in my pocket, just now I took it from my purse for a blank eyed man. he was moving from one place to another to collect funds from the travellers. he starts his work when the signal turns into red and stops his work when it turns into green, he had one helper who had only one
They just start their work when the red signal appears. they collect funds from the travellers. suddenly I had a thought, why should I help them, may I responsible for their cause. I decided not to give any money to them. my mind ordered my hands not to give any money to them but my heart directed my hands to take money from my purse. now my hearts hands are ready to offer funds for them. the counting of the signal goes down and down. I am eagerly waiting for them to provide money, but suddenly he changed his direction and moved behind the car. I was frozen. I don’t know why this happens to me and I come to the conclusion that I want to change my mind. then the green light glows with new knowledge of life.

Stranger at seashore

2     It was an evening time, sunlight fades away only the darkness surrounds the ocean. Moons bright light gets reflected in the ocean water. My friends and I were sitting near a party lane and chatting with each other. Besides us, one family members were enjoying their vacation. A 6year old kid was running and playing with their family. The climate was very cold and the sound of the seashore and the waves of the water bring relaxation to my mind and it creates a pleasant feeling in my mind.

It takes me to the world of imagination was I found an old man standing near the seashore for a long time. 6I noticed him for a long time, he was nearly 70 years old, maybe I was wrong. He was standing like a statue he didn’t move his body, even he didn’t take any deep breath. I was shocked and wondered about him. For a long time, he didn’t move from the same spot. I thought that he was also in the world of imagination. After a long talk, my friends and I went for a walk, we crossed the old man and making noise but the old man didn’t distract. We went very long and at the end of the seashore, we found rocks instant of sands. On that rocks few fish and crabs are swimming we felt it as a dangerous spot and soon returned to the sand and started walking towards the old man. He was still at the same spot neither take a step to front or back nor right or left. I was wondered about the old man and surprised about his great admiration towards nature. One of my friends decided to talk with him, but we don’t know that he was in meditation. My friend went near him and give his greeting to him. We also gave our company to him finally. “Where are you from?” asked my friend to the old man. The old man replied,”I am from swiz”. Actually, we confused we didn’t hear about that place and my friend raised his second question,” which country you are belonged to”. The old man gently replied I am from the country swiz”. Again I didn’t understand one of my friend prompt that the name Switzerland and we confirmed it by verification from the old man.




And we enquired about his date of visit to India and also the departure date. The old man was not sure about the date and he didn’t have any electronic device with him. To us, he was a strange human being.

We greet him goodbye before we leave. On our fourth step, we found that the old man was moving to the nearest hotel and we come to the conclusion that he stayed in that hotel.

Later few hours I recall our meeting with the old man. I noticed him when I arrived at that beach but our word with him made distraction to his meditation, maybe he was upset about our meeting because it distracts his meditation, Maybe he was waiting for somebody to have a word with him, who know which one could be the real thought of the old man but expect him………


It is too late we are rushing towards our train, we noticed from the announcement that our train is at platform number 3 and when we heard that, within a fraction of the time we started to move towards our train. finally, we get into the moving train. The sound of the train creates musical tone in my mind. When the train enters the tunnel, the air blocked my ears. People are rushing inside the tradownloadin to find their seats, some of them occupy others seats too. I and my friends settled in our seats but two of our seats do not belong to us. Every time the train enters a tunnel my ears get blocked by air it is like a new experience to me. Half an hour passed so far so good. The problem started when the train stopped at the next junction. New travellers are entering into the train among them one person ask my friend to get up and he added that seat number s4 and s5 has belonged to him. We requested him to use our seat on the next compartment. He agreed gently and moved to the next compartment. Few minute’s later the man returned and ask us to leave his seats because someone occupies our place there. My two friends go to the near compartment and enquired the people about their tickets. They showed their tickets but it belonged to the general compartment. My friends gently ask them to leave, but they are a little bit rude to my friends. This made my friends get angry. They got some supporters from the near seat. And they called TTR to solve the problem finally we got our seats.

download (1)

We six divided into four and two. I give company to my friends. We sit on our seats and a girl is sitting near to me. She said to me,”I also having tickets for general compartment but if you allow me to sit here I will sit”. The girl requested me very polite but she speaks Malayalam, I am not able to understand she repeat it slowly and finally, I get an idea about her words. I just saw my friends because I feel shy to speak with girls they agreed. The girl is happy to sit there.
After an hour train stopped in a junction. The girl gets up and pick up her luggage and moved towards the door. I am expecting words of bye from the girl. But she leaves the place without a word with me. I don’t know why, and finally, I thought that she considered me as a stranger and this is why she doesn’t have a word with me.


Night Train to goa


I think it was 1.40am, we started our journey. The train was 1hour late. In the station we listen to songs and music, one lady police came there and grab one of my friends mobile, I think he was watching some videos. She warned us not to use the mobile phone inside the station and also enquired about our journey. When we get into the train TTR was ready with his list to check our tickets and we easily found our seats. There we take some photos and settled to sleep. I don’t know how long I fell in sleep I wake up suddenly and watched my face in the mirror near to my bed. I didn’t Shaw anything because of darkness. I thought that I was blind, but I called the names of my five friends they didn’t response to my words, I thought I am deaf too. I just get down of my bed and searched my friends by dragging My hands. I didn’t found them,”Oh god what happened to them did they vanished? or am I die?”. Confusion around my head and I don’t know what to do. I just feel only the pin drop silent and darkness. “oh god what happened to them did they vanished? or am I die?”. Again confusion disturbed my mind. My heart said,”

My heart said,” bhuvi, it is better to open the door and check whether the train was moving or not”. I just open the main door and watched out, I found onldownloady the mist, darkness and silence outside. When I came out of the train I watched a light beam from the front of the train. It attracted me and made me move towards it. Slowly and carefully I walked towards the light and last I found a man standing with a torch and was expecting someone very eagerly. I called him but there is no use he didn’t hear my voice, I touched him but he didn’t feel my hands,” Oh god what happened to me am I die!”. I maintained little silence and watched the man deeply. He wore a black coat and wore a red tie, he had a lamp in his hand and a name tag in his coat and it shows his name as Subramanian.
I don’t know who is he and why I am here. Finally, I heard a sound and my deaf ears are opened. Hey woke up we reached, hey woke up, I said woke up soon. It was the voice of my friend. I heard only his voice after a fraction of time TTR spoke in my friend voice and he also asks me to wake up. Finally, I realized that I was in sleep.images (1)

Funny Lesson on Taste

The Five Best Motorcycles

  1. Suzuki Hayabusa, 194 miles per hour


    Key Specifications

  • 1340cc, four-stroke, DOHC, 4-cylinder 16 valves engine.
  • 6-speed constant mesh transmission.
  • Maximum power:197 hp@9500 rpm.
  • Maximum Torque : 155 Nm@7200 rpm.
  • Top speed : 194 miles per hour.
  •  0 to 60 mph : 2.5 seconds.
  • Idle Speed Control System to keep engine stable in different conditions
  • Advanced fuel injection system from Suzuki for high combustion efficiency.
  • Front Brakes : 2*310 mm discs, Brambo, monobloc radial-mount calipers.
  • Rear Brakes : Single 260 mm disc with Tokico caliper.
  • 4 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14R, 208.1 miles per hour
  1. Ninja ZX14R


Key Specifications

  • 1441 cc four valve liquid cooled engine.
  • 6 speed transmission and wet multi-disc clutch.
  • Maximum power : 197.3 Bhp@ 10,000 rpm.
  • Maximum torque:158.2 Nm@7500 rpm.
  • Top speed : 208.1 miles per hour.
  • 0 to 100 kmph : 2.7 second.

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Respected Parents and Teachers

Respected Parents and Teachers

Mr.Bean Racing With Kuruvi Vijay Watch THiz FuNNy MaKE

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